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School Field Trips

Are you a teacher looking for an awesome venue for school field trips? Then we have just the place you and your students are going to love.

Are you a teacher looking for an awesome venue for school field trips? Are you looking for a fun venue that can provide education, laughter, and the chance for kids to do a little bonding? If you’re looking for an awesome venue where kids can go a little mad and let their guard down, then we have just the place and activities you and your students are going to love – acrobranching at Acrobranch. Continue reading

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Reasons to Visit Acrobranch Adventure Parks for Your Year-End Functions

Our year-end function venues offer employees a chance to escape reality, get to learn a little more about each other, and have loads of fun!

Looking to book an exceptional venue for your corporate Christmas bash? Yes, it’s that time of the year again – a busy time where businesses throughout South Africa are rushing off to book their year-end functions. A long tradition that goes back years and years, many successful businesses understand the importance of a year-end function. You see, today, business is tough, and if you want your brand to stand head and shoulders above the rest, you have to invest in the hard-working people who make it all possible – your employees. Continue reading

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Get Hooked this Summer with Tree Canopy Tours in South Africa

Plan your birthday, year-end function, or family day out with our tree canopy tours at any one of our activity parks today!

Looking for some adventure to do with the kids this summer? Looking for a fantastic day out for your year-end function, or have you got a birthday party coming up? While the norm would be to arrange a fancy dinner at a very expensive restaurant, or battle through some very painful three hours of kids running circles around you at home – why not do something completely different and experience a combination of thrills and beautiful views with tree canopy tours? Continue reading

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Group of kids at Acrobranch in Johannesburg

The Top 2 Tips to Choosing Kids’ Party Venues

Throwing a kids party is no easy feat, but it doesn’t have to be exhausting and stressful. Contact us to find out more about our venue.

Having trouble deciding on a venue for your young child or your tween’s birthday party? Choosing a place to throw a party for kids is something most parents only think about once a year, and for very good reason. The truth is that kids’ parties can be exhausting and if you’re like most parents, you will be crying for a holiday after the day is over. Yes, kids’ parties are hard work, which is why venues that cater to kids exist. But with so many different venues scattered throughout South Africa, it’s hard to make a decision on what to choose. With so much to keep in mind – follow these two important tips and you will be well on your way to making someone very happy on their big day. Continue reading

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Happy lady on a zipline

3 Winning Bachelorette Party Ideas for Every Type of Bride

Think of the bachelorette party as an opportunity to try something new & give the bride-to-be a day she will never forget with our venue.

Have you been given the noble title of maid of honour for your bestie’s wedding, but you are lost on bachelorette party ideas? Planning a bestie’s bachelorette can be a bit of a nightmare. A long tradition that celebrates the last few days of freedom – a hen party is supposed to be something that the bride will never forget for as long as she lives, which is why this is one party that you really need to get right. Continue reading

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Who needs more reasons to visit Acrobranch’s Cape Town Park in Constantia?

Summer has definitely kicked in in Cape Town! The Acrobranch park just got a new neighbour, the Tapas restaurant La Parada in Constantia Nek.

Summer has definitely kicked in in Cape Town, which means that everyone is looking to get outdoors over their weekends in search of a little adventure. You don’t need to venture far to find exactly that. Wind your way through to the top of Constantia Nek to find the one and only adventure park in Cape Town: Acrobranch. Continue reading

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team building Acrobranch Cape Town

Go on a team adventure at Acrobranch!

Many companies choose Acrobranch for their end of year event. Meet Liza, who went to Acrobranch Cape Town for a team building experience.

As the year draws to a close, Acrobranch has the perfect activity to keep your colleagues entertained. Take to the trees at any one of our branches in Johannesburg, Melrose, Cape Town, Garden Route and Centurion to enjoy the many obstacle courses available. With many thrills, twists and turns along the way, Acrobranch Adventure Parks offer the perfect place to take your staff members for a fantastic and unique experience that they won’t forget. Continue reading

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Acrobranch Centurion Park Manager

Spend your next event at Acrobranch, Centurion!

We caught up with John Woodhead, Acrobranch Centurion manager, to see why you should spend time at the park for your next event this summer!

Suns out, funs out! With summer creeping in, kids and adults can start getting out and about into the great outdoors once again. What could be better than an adventure in the trees at Acrobranch in Centurion? Visitors from all over the world have made Acrobranch their activity of choice and there are many reasons why. From the beauty of the park, to the excitement of the courses, nobody can deny that a day spent at Acrobranch is one for the books.

The best part about Acrobranch is that you can spend your time bonding with friends, family, and even work colleagues.

We recently caught up with John Woodhead, our Acrobranch, Centurion branch manager, to see why you should spend time at the park for your next event this summer!

What would you say is the best part about being a park manager at Acrobranch?

The best part about my job is that I get to grow my staff and see that they reach their full potential. I identify their strengths to push them and their weaknesses to build and encourage them.

What has been the best part about hosting birthday parties and what tips can you offer for those visitors wanting to spend the day there?

Birthday parties are stressful to the moms who do months of planning and organizing to try and get everything settled for the day. What I like most about hosting the parties, is that we get take that stress off the parents for the two hours while the children are making their way through the courses.

What has been the most memorable event that you have hosted?

The most memorable event for me has got to be a bachelor’s party that we hosted about a year ago. Granted, we told the men that they had to be sober before climbing. The amount of jokes that went around just made my day, I ended up laughing so much that my eyes started watering and my stomach muscles were sore.

Why would you recommend hosting a team building at Acrobranch?

We here at Acrobranch Centurion, have come up with a variety of team building packages to suit the unique needs of our customers. From strength to strategy, to fitness and the all-important communication, we will guarantee each team building group that leaves the park will do so knowing more about themselves and more about the fellow colleagues they work with including a bunch of laughs and smiling faces.

What makes your Acrobranch unique?

Well besides the fact that my park is the best, we have the friendliest and professional staff, we are home to the Acro-Bungy (for adrenaline seekers only), Olifants Cafe is an amazing restaurant with the best food in Pretoria and to boost we are perfectly situated just outside the hustle and bustle of surrounding cities to give you that outdoor nature feel where you don’t need to drive an hour to get to.

Whether you are hosting a birthday party for the kids, a bachelor/ette or a team building event, there are plenty of reasons to choose Acrobranch in Centurion.

The courses at Acrobranch, Centurion

There are 4 courses available to you at our Centurion branch. Whether you are the bravest of the brave, or heights are not your strong suit, there is a course that will get your adrenaline pumping! If you are looking for a beginner’s course, we can suggest Monkey Moves. This course is ideal for ages 7 and up, with 19 obstacles that may seem simple at first, but offer a real challenge.

The Swinging Tarzan is ideal for the intermediate level. Offering 25 obstacles that include bridges, ziplines and balancing beams, there is more depth to this course than first meets the eye.

Take things to the extreme with a trip through the trees on the High Flying course. With 27 obstacles to tackle, this may be the toughest of all our courses, but it certainly brings the fun! The intensive course winds its way up and through the trees from level to level and adventurers must navigate their way along balance beams and nets, as well as ziplines to finish the course.

Stay a while at Acrobranch, Centurion

As John mentioned, there are many places for visitors to enjoy a good drink and a tasty meal after an exciting activity at Acrobranch, Centurion. Olifants Café is situated on the grounds and offers delicious meals and drinks. We suggest pulling up a chair with your fellow party goers or colleagues and relaxing as you reflect on the day’s activities.

Whether you want a location for your next birthday party, team building or bachelor/bachelorette party, there will be an exciting adventure waiting for you at Acrobranch, Centurion. Spots fill up fast, especially in summer, so we suggest making your booking as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

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Corne Brits, Acrobranch Manager

What’s happening at Acrobranch Pretoria North?

The Pretoria North park is one of the flagship branches of Acrobranch. Meet Cornelia Brits, Park Manager, who shares her personal experience.

Situated on a farm side village, the Pretoria North Acrobranch is one of our flagship branches, offering so much more than first meets the eye. Visitors of all ages can slide, crawl and balance their way along some of the most challenging, yet thrilling courses that Acrobranch has to offer. At the helm of the Pretoria North branch sits our manager, Cornelia Brits. Her job revolves around establishing a fun, safe and exciting adventure and we caught up with her to find out what exactly is going down at her branch.

What makes your branch special?

WOW, there are so many awesome things that makes my branch special, but I will give you a few of the many indicators!

1. My branch has the first specialised continue safety line system that was imported from France which enables the customers to be safer on the course than at any of our other parks. This system allows the customer to hook onto the safety line before the start, climbing up the ladders and remaining on the safety line until they are back on the ground.

2. My branch has the longest zipline ever built at Acrobranch. It is 300m long and it also starts at the highest platform ever build by Acrobranch, which is 14m high.

3. One of our courses has a zipline of 150m that is extended over a beautiful wetland that gives you the feeling of freedom and relaxation as you zipline your way across it.

4. The obstacles on our courses are more advanced, new and even more challenging, yet everyone will be able to complete the courses, from the young ones to the elder and less adventurous people.

5. The courses are situated in a lush forest with the most beautiful trees and various birdlife that gives you a great calmness and a break from the stress of the everyday city life.

Tell us about the new additions to your park

We have just launched a kiddies course (Acro-twigs course) that is suitable for the 3-6-year-old kids. This course is perfect for kids’ birthday parties together with the restaurant we have on the premises that cater for all your birthday party requirements. We started operating of this course in the first week in July 2016.

We are also in the process of developing a mountain biking trail that will be operated by Musaiek. There will another mountain biking trail for the little one’s so that while mom and dad are having their outing on the advanced track, the kids are in a save designated area also busy practising their skills for one day when they can join mom and dad.

We have made a few changes to the structure of our park. While we initially had an overall fee for a course, we realised that this might not be viable for the everyday household, so we decided to split this course up into 3 different courses, offering packages to suit your budget. We have the option of the Tree Hugger course (R120, green course), the Swinging Tarzan course (R180, blue course) and the High Flying course (R260, red course). Also, on top of the course we have for the kids, we are going to build a big zipline just for the kids that they can go on if they only want to do to the ziplining.

At the moment our big zipline is incorporated into the red course, which mean people are unable to do only a slide down the big zipline like at the other parks. So we are also going to split this so that one can simply just pay and do a slide down the 300m long zipline.

Who would you recommend Acrobranch to?

I would recommend Acrobranch to almost anyone. Since all the different courses are designed specifically for each different age group, you can bring the whole family and there will be something to do for everyone. I would also suggest it as the best way to get your corporate team to work better together by building trust, co-operation, teamwork, team spirit and motivation within your team through our courses.

It is also the perfect place for children’s birthday parties as you get to leave them in the hands of our experienced guides who will keep them busy for 2 hours and make sure that they have a good night’s rest.

Tell us about your experience as a manager at Acrobranch

Before I start telling you about my experience as a manager at Acrobranch, I think I must first tell you that it was a big dream of mine to be working in an environment where I can balance my love for the outdoors with my organising and managerial skills inside an office and this a dream come true for me when working at Acrobranch, because I am able to do just that and I love it!

I have been the manager at the Pretoria park since February 2015 and the best part about this is that I am the first manager of this park and I grew with the park to where it is now. I was also part of the last part of the construction section of the park and that makes it even more special and exciting for me. Since I started working at Acrobranch I met so many different types of people from all over the world. Meeting new and different people every day and seeing how people change throughout their time at Acrobranch while enjoying our courses is the most rewarding part of my job for me. I have a passion for making a difference in people’s life’s and I can do just that here.

What has been your favourite experience at your branch?

One of my favourite experiences was when I had a young boy at my park with an arm that was amputated at his elbow and he wasn’t scared to do anything. He just went through it all without any help from anyone or any guide. He finished the entire course and even climbed up the net to get to the big zipline at the end. I was so inspired by this little boy that it made me realise that it doesn’t matter what life throws at you, you have the decision to let it take you down or let you stand out even higher and do what you want to do.

With all the excitement and thrills coming up at Acrobranch, Pretoria North, why not join us for a day of fun in the trees? We offer the perfect spot for birthday parties, team building events and even bachelor/ette parties. Make your booking today to avoid disappointment.

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tickets for Acrobranch

Win tickets for Acrobranch and The Legend of Tarzan!

Start August off on a high note with Acrobranch! We are giving away entries to your local Acrobranch as well as movie tickets to see the latest blockbuster, The Legend of Tarzan! Simply enter via our Facebook page by clicking on this link. You will instantly know if you have won one of these sensational prizes.

The competition closes on Thursday 11 August, so tell all your friends and family to try their luck before the cut off time at 1pm.

Acrobranch offers treetop adventures that will have daring visitors of any age, climbing and zip lining their way through the trees. With 5 locations situated throughout South Africa, including Cape Town, the Garden Route, Pretoria North, Centurion and Johannesburg, you will be able to celebrate your win at your favourite branch with loved ones. You also stand a chance of winning movie tickets to see The Legend of Tarzan which will get you into the spirit of treetop adventures!

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