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Bachelorette Party Venue

Get Ready for the Bachelorette Party Venue of a Lifetime at Acrobranch. We will give the bride-to-be a day she will never forget. Contact us!

Get Ready for the Bachelorette Party Venue of a Lifetime at Acrobranch

Planning a bachelorette party for one of your besties? A long tradition that celebrates a woman’s last few days before marriage, a bachelorette party is supposed to be something that the bride will never forget for as long as she lives. So, are you short on bachelorette party venue ideas? As the last day of her solitary life, there are many things that you can do that do not involve a booze-fuelled, rowdy night on the town. While many women buy into a high tea brunch where they get to overdose on cupcakes, cucumber sandwiches, and expensive sparkling wine, there are also the creative types who opt for a pottery class or a night of sushi making with loads of veno. Continue reading

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Bachelor Party Venue

If you are looking for an epic bachelor party venue that the groom will never forget, it really does not get much better than Acrobranch.

An Epic Bachelor Party Venue the Groom Will Never Forget

Tasked with throwing the groom an epic bachelor party, but want to avoid a raucous night that might get him ditched at the altar? Everyone knows that being the best man is stressful. Not only do you have to deal with suit fittings, speeches, and stressed Bridezillas, but you also have to plan the bachelor’s party. And the last thing you want is to anger your best mate’s bride. Continue reading

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Bachelorette Party Venue

A Bachelorette Party That Will Never be Forgotten - To make your booking or to find out more about our venues and restaurants, contact us!

Are you tasked with throwing an epic bachelorette party? When it comes to the ultimate bachelorette bash, what could be better than a night of dressing up, bottles of champagne, and maybe even an exotic dancer, right? Wrong! The truth is that not all women want to suffer the grave consequences of a hangover the next day. Although the ideal bachelorette party varies from bride to bride, what most brides want and expect is a bachelorette party that will never be forgotten. So, what’s a bride to do? Ever heard of a treetop ziplining eco-adventure?

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An Outdoor Bachelor Party Venue That Will Always Be Remembered

Outdoor Bachelor Party Venue That Will Always Be Remembered - What better way to celebrate your last few days of liberty than in the outdoors?

Looking to throw the perfect bachelor party for your bud, but want to avoid a raucous stag night that might get him into trouble? A tradition that dates all the way back to the 5th century BC, bachelor parties are designed to celebrate the groom-to-be’s important rite of passage from single life to married life. But just because your mate is tying the knot, it doesn’t mean that you need to hit the town till the early hours of the morning, getting up to all kinds of naughty. Why not keep it real and clean? Continue reading

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Happy lady on a zipline

3 Winning Bachelorette Party Ideas for Every Type of Bride

Think of the bachelorette party as an opportunity to try something new & give the bride-to-be a day she will never forget with our venue.

Have you been given the noble title of maid of honour for your bestie’s wedding, but you are lost on bachelorette party ideas? Planning a bestie’s bachelorette can be a bit of a nightmare. A long tradition that celebrates the last few days of freedom – a hen party is supposed to be something that the bride will never forget for as long as she lives, which is why this is one party that you really need to get right. Continue reading

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fun idea for bachelorette party

Best idea for a memorable bachelor or bachelorette party

Bond with your awesome wedding party and make sure that your Acrobranch team capture some snapshots of your exciting day spent in the trees!

Take on an aerial adventure for your bachelor/ette party!

Every future bride and groom looks forward to their bachelor or bachelorette party, an event that calls together friends and family to celebrate the upcoming nuptials with flair. Instead of the usual parties that involve questionable outfits and embarrassing dares, why not go for something unique, thrilling and challenging – an aerial adventure through the treetop courses of Acrobranch.  This is an activity that not only gets your heart racing, but also brings family and friends together over a shared sense of excitement and anticipation.

Our experienced guides will ensure you have a safe, yet exciting and memorable experience by guiding you along the courses and documenting the experience for you, your friends and family.

From the obstacles courses, to the ziplines and magnificent views from your vantage point in the trees, Acrobranch is the unique activity that you will always remember and treasure for years to come.

Acrobranch courses are for the ladies and the men!

Everyone can get involved in an Acrobranch course no matter their age, level of skills or sex.

We know that these types of activities can bring out the competitive spirit in all of us, so gear up and challenge your group of friends to any one of our courses. For the brave and daring, we suggest the more advanced courses like the Swinging Tarzan. Starting at a height of 1.4m and winding its way along advanced obstacles, participants will have to summon all of their strength and agility to tackle the exciting course.

If this doesn’t quite float your boat, aim higher with a trip through our High Flying course. This adventure course is highly intensive and will take your bachelor or bachelorette group on a trip like no other. While this may appear very similar to the other more gentle courses, don’t be fooled! There are some serious challenges along the way, but we guarantee that the experience will pull your group together as they tackle the course as a team.

Guys and girls don’t have to immediately make a beeline for the toughest courses. There are other less challenging, yet exciting courses to take on for your bachelor/ette party. The Tree Hugger course, available at all branches across South Africa, is a beginners course that offers all ages and skills a fun time in the trees. Slowly elevating from a mere 1.4 metre start, participants can take their time manoeuvring along the course with their team mates.  At Acrobranch, we encourage everyone not to rush and to rather soak up the true experience of the course, as well as the fresh air from way up high in the trees.

While our courses are what we have become known for on an international scale, we have also added a few other exciting options to get your adrenaline pumping. Our Acro-bungy (available at our Centurion branch) will propel you into the air up to 14 metres above the ground.  Our experienced guides will secure you in a body harness, issue you with safety instructions, and then set you off as if you are being catapulted out of an aircraft. Nothing says “taking the leap” into marriage quite like the feeling of being lifted into the air at speed on our Acro-bungy.

Our zip lines are part of our courses, but did you know that we have the second longest zip line in Gauteng located at our Pretoria North branch? With a 300m line that will see you flying through the trees at speed, we know that you will have the time of your life on this daring trip.

Spend the day with us

The day doesn’t have to end when you complete your Acrobranch course. All that excitement will have definitely ensured you worked up an appetite so relax at one of our local restaurants or cafes.  Bachelors and bachelorettes will want to stick around for a thirst quenching drink and snacks.

Musaiek Restaurant located at our Pretoria North branch, is the perfect spot to kick up your feet with loved ones. Organise a catered lunch for a lovely picnic on the lawn or order on the day and sit at the restaurant. The friendly staff and excellent chefs will ensure that your event is well taken care of.

Acrobranch located in Johannesburg offers a festive, yet laid back braai facility. This is perfect for a group of gals or boys to bring along any braai equipment and delicious essentials for a chilled afternoon in the tranquil beauty of Melrose.

If you are heading off to Acrobranch Centurion, make sure you schedule a stop at The Big Red Barn. At Olifants Café, you will find a quaint spot ideal for light lunches and snacks.

Brides and grooms, this is the ultimate adventure that you will always remember. Bond with your wedding party, close friends and family at Acrobranch!

Spots fill up quickly, so we suggest that you make your booking as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment.

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