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Kids’ Party Venues

Acrobranch Kids’ Party Venues – Our guides do all the work, so that parents can relax without having to stress about the safety of kids

Celebrating your little one’s birthday next month and not sure what to do or where to go? When counting down the days and hours, there’s no denying that kid’s birthday parties are a big deal. Kids’ birthday parties are very important, which is why they should always be special and memorable. In fact, many parents are on the lookout for fun kid’s party venues. Kids love non-stop fun and entertainment, and when you have a large group of young kids together, things can get frantic and messy. And take one guess at who has to clean up after the party is over? You guessed it right – mommy dearest. Continue reading

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Birthday Party Venue

Try a stellar kids’ birthday party venue unlike any other. Give your little one a birthday party they will talk about forever. Book now!

Take Fun to New Heights with a Ziplining Birthday Party Venue Unlike Any Other

Wondering what kind of party to have for your little one or tween this year? Fresh out of cool ideas? You are counting down the months, weeks, and days until this special day comes, because birthday parties are a big deal for any child. Not only are they a great way to mark a significant milestone, but birthday parties can be a great self-esteem booster as well as create the perfect opportunity for your little one to bond with other kids. Continue reading

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Kids Party Outdoor

A kids’ outdoor party venue, we make celebrating life’s special milestones so much easier. Adrenalin-pumping activities safe for kids.

Are you looking for some ideas and inspiration for kids’ parties? Do you need to find a winning party outdoor party venue that is healthy, safe and exciting? Every year, parents look for a bigger and better way to celebrate their children’s birthdays. I mean, what child doesn’t want a big birthday party with cake, sweets, chips, chocolates, biscuits, candy and more? While you are counting down the months, weeks and days until their big day arrives, there’s no denying that birthdays are the most exciting day of the year for kids. But when did birthday parties become so expensive and unhealthy?

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Party Venues Cape Town

To avoid disappointment, don’t delay! Make your booking at one of the greatest party venues in Cape Town today.

Do you want to know what’s hot and trending in child-friendly party venues in Cape Town? Ever heard of Acrobranching? If paintball and quad biking sounds a bit too hectic, then why not do something different, safer, better, and a lot more exciting – go acrobranching at one of the best party venues in Cape Town.

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Birthday Party Venues

Ready to get hooked? To make your booking or to find out more about our birthday party venues and restaurants, contact us today.

Do you have a birthday coming up and you are not sure where to have it? Here’s an idea, why not do something completely different and experience a combination of thrills, laughs and beautiful views, while soaring over the treetops and ravines with the wind in your hair? Experience the excitement and adventure of ziplining at an Acrobranch near you!

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Group of kids at Acrobranch in Johannesburg

The Top 2 Tips to Choosing Kids’ Party Venues

Throwing a kids party is no easy feat, but it doesn’t have to be exhausting and stressful. Contact us to find out more about our venue.

Having trouble deciding on a venue for your young child or your tween’s birthday party? Choosing a place to throw a party for kids is something most parents only think about once a year, and for very good reason. The truth is that kids’ parties can be exhausting and if you’re like most parents, you will be crying for a holiday after the day is over. Yes, kids’ parties are hard work, which is why venues that cater to kids exist. But with so many different venues scattered throughout South Africa, it’s hard to make a decision on what to choose. With so much to keep in mind – follow these two important tips and you will be well on your way to making someone very happy on their big day. Continue reading

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Review of Acrobranch Borthday Party

Fun ideas for Kids Birthday Party: Why Acrobranch is a perfect venue

Acrobranch Adventure Parks are the perfect venue for a fun, family-friendly Birthday Party - for kids and adults alike. Enquire now!

Celebrate kids’ birthdays at Acrobranch

We all know how important the annual kid’s birthday party is, and the added pressure of finding something unique and fun sends many parents into a panicked frenzy. Luckily for all you South African parents there, we have the answer to your party woes at Acrobranch.

With exciting activities at our branches across South Africa (Cape Town, Garden Route, Pretoria North, Johannesburg and Centurion), we guarantee a memorable day filled with excitement and heart-racing enjoyment. Allow our experienced staff to help you set up for the birthday party while you capture every heart-warming moment on camera as the kids climb, balance and zip line their way through the courses

Acrobranch has been highly rated by happy customers on TripAdvisor as one of the best activities for kid’s birthday parties and there are many reasons why.

Aerial adventures for every age

Whether you are looking for a gentle course for the little ones, or you want something a bit more challenging for the teenagers, we have something for you at Acrobranch.

Our Acro-Twigs course, offered at our Johannesburg, Pretoria North, Centurion and Cape Town branches, is the ideal course for kids aged 3-6. The course is designed to test your young one’s abilities, strength and agility while remaining fun, simple and safe. Parents and our experienced guides can lead the kids along the course while they have the time of their lives.

For the older kids over the age of 7, we suggest the intermediate courses including the Tree Hugger. This course is available at all branches (excluding Acrobranch Garden Route, which has its own Monkey Moves course for 4-8 year olds) and is ideal for the beginners. Kids can make their way along the challenging obstacles that will test their strength and agility while the course increases in height and challenge. Believe us when we say that this course is trickier than it appears.

The Swinging Tarzan is available at all branches and is perfect for the braver adventurers out there. Kids and adults alike can enjoy this challenging course that offers exciting obstacles and a chance to really test the limits.

If you are looking for something a bit different, we are proud to show off the second longest zip line in Gauteng at our Centurion branch, also known as The Big Zip. Accompanied by our Acro bungy that will have you flying above the ground up to 14 metres within seconds, kids will be lining up to try these extra special activities.

Pair your birthday party with delicious food at Acrobranch

Bring your own party packs and snacks, or leave it to the professionals. Select Acrobranch courses are conveniently located close to delicious eateries and quaint cafés so parents can pre-order delicious snacks and sumptuous meals from the various locations.

Musaiek Restaurant, located at our Pretoria North branch is an idyllic restaurant catering to the exhausted, yet triumphant Acrobranch visitors. The spot is perfect for adults and kids to relax and enjoy the special occasion while indulging in delicious meals and snacks.

If you want to get away from the crowds, we recommend a bush picnic. Pre-order a delicious range of snacks from Musaiek Restaurant and take a walk through the lush bush to the picnic area. Here, you will be able to set up for your party while enjoying the beauty of the area.

Our Garden Route branch offers a few restaurants and catering facilities that will compliment your birthday party. The Zucchini Restaurant located in the heart of Timberlake Organic Village is a themed restaurant that offers something extra special. With saddle seats indoors and a beautiful view outdoors, parents and kids can enjoy the country-style cuisine and ambiance. If you are looking for a catered picnic, Windmill Café offers just that and so much more. With delicious, wholesome meals, guests can take their packed lunch off to the lawns of the village and spend quality time with the kids on their fun day.

Acrobranch offers so much more at our Pretoria North branch

Our Pretoria North branch has recently expanded with so much more to keep the kids entertained. Lose the kids to the excitement of the playground or watch them ride the gentle ponies around the grounds. The pedal cars and daisy shooting range offer something unique and safe for the kids.

Acrobanch is safe

Parents have nothing to worry about at Acrobranch. Our experienced guides will put your mind at ease with important training before anyone begins the course as well as continuous support throughout the challenge. Customer service and overall enjoyment are of utmost importance to us at Acrobranch. We use imported equipment, certified in the EU and rated the best in the industry. This ensures that customers of all ages are safely attached via their harness and cannot detach at any point. Kids are encouraged to go through the courses at their own pace, and best of all, this activity teaches them to support and encourage their fellow explorers as they go.

No matter which Acrobranch you choose, we can guarantee that kids will have a ball and parents will want to join in on the fun! Make your birthday party booking today at your local Acrobranch as spots fill up quickly.

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Birthday Activities for Kids : 5 Reasons to celebrate at Acrobranch

For kids Birthday Parties an Outdoor Adventure Park is the perfect venue for a fun, child-friendly Birthday Party that is also suited for Adults.

Acrobranch has successfully featured as the main attraction for hundreds of Birthday Activities. Here are 5 Reasons why you should choose a Tree Top Adventure Park as your Birthday Venue:

1: Kids love having their birthday parties at Acrobranch


From Pirates to Tarzan or Spiderman, there’ just something about ziplines and swinging from tree to tree that appeals to the imagination of all children. Fun is guaranteed!

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