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Interview of Gerald, Park Manager in Johannesburg

Things to Do in Johannesburg

A zipline adventure dedicated to offering kids the adventure of a lifetime, Acrobranch is a state-of-the-art zipline venue, unlike any other

Looking to keep the kids entertained over the Easter holidays? While it can be a great time to bond with your little ones, it can also be stressful. Yes, not all parents get time off over Easter, and with kids, you’re going to need to find at least one or two unforgettable things to keep them occupied. Every parent can relate to the words: “Mom, I’m bored!”, or “Dad, we never do anything fun!” Yes, unlike the December holidays, the Easter holidays certainly are a tough one. Fortunately, Johannesburg is a big, busy city with a wide range of fun and interesting activities for them to get hooked on. However, if you’re a working parent on a budget, here are some suggestions to get you going.

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Group of kids at Acrobranch in Johannesburg

Take on our courses at Acrobranch, Johannesburg!

The first ever Acrobranch in South Africa is situated in the picturesque James and Ethel Gray Park in Melrose, next to the Melrose Arch Mall

Get away from the hustle and bustle of the rat race in Johannesburg and make your way to the James and Eythel Gray Park just outside of Melrose Arch for something a little different at Acrobranch. Kids and adults can choose to spend their day in the trees, climbing, crawling and balancing their way along a variety of exciting courses designed to put abilities and bravery to the test. Whether you want to treat the kids or go on an adventure with friends and family, Acrobranch in Melrose is well equipped to ensure you can relax and enjoy the experience while everyone has the time of their lives. Having won the TripAdvisor award as a highly rated outdoor activity, there is no question about it – Acrobranch Melrose has it all!

Fantastic outdoor adventure courses for every age

Whether you are looking for an outdoor adventure to keep the little ones out of trouble during the school holidays, or you want to entertain your family and friends, we can suggest an Acrobranch course that will suit you. Kids between the ages of 3 and 6 can take on the Acro-Twigs course where they will be able to tackle 13 obstacles while being led by our expert guides or helpful moms and dads. Standing at 2-3 metres above the ground, kids can enjoy the course while testing their balance.

For the older kids and adults above the age of the 7, we recommend the Monkey Moves course. This is ideal for beginners or those who feel a little shaky with heights. With 37 obstacles, we can assure you, this is no easy feat!

For those aged 10 years and above, the Swinging Tarzan should top your list. There are an astounding 53 obstacles to take on, starting at a mere 1.4metre level.

Come on, we dare you! Take on the High Flying course where 47 obstacles await. For those aged 13 and up, this course will be your biggest challenge yet! Expect to crawl, climb and jump your way through the course.

Safety is our priority

While having a blast on our courses is the ultimate goal, we always ensure that every person who takes on the challenge is safe. All of our top safety gear is CE (EU) rated and imported. Our experienced guides will talk you through the course while explaining the safety rules and regulations.

Spend the day

Don’t rush off once you are done with your treetop adventure. Our Melrose branch is conveniently located in a beautiful location, perfect for a relaxing day in the sun. With a lush green forest to explore, visitors will be happy to know that they can catch their breath after the excitement of Acrobranch in this tranquil spot.There are plenty of scattered picnic benches, so we welcome you to spread out a blanket and enjoy a picnic or braai with family and friends. You can bring your own meat and utensils to make a delicious lunch for everyone to enjoy.

Unique activities to enjoy in Melrose

If you are looking for something unique at our Melrose branch, we have got you covered! Our ziplines steal the show, featuring in all of our courses. You can enjoy the park from a whole new height by flying through the trees on our exciting ziplines!

Events at Acrobranch, Melrose

While Acrobranch is great for a casual day out with friends and family, we also host many events at the parks. Our Melrose branch is conveniently located in the centre of all the action in Johannesburg, so we encourage schools, businesses and large groups to pop by for a bit of fun!

If you are looking for something exciting to keep the kids busy during the school holidays, we can recommend our courses. Kids can spend the day in the trees, getting some fresh air, while parents can get some well-earned relaxation time watching from below.

Thinking of how you can celebrate the end of another successful year with the staff? Your year-end function will be one to remember if you decide on Acrobranch. Your staff will be able to bond and spend time together, encouraging one another through the courses and bringing out their competitive sides simultaneously!

While organising a bachelor or bachelorette party can be stressful for any wedding party, Acrobranch can offer an easy solution for your event. Nothing will be more unique than an exciting zipline through the trees, as well as climbing, balancing and jumping your way along the obstacle courses. You could even bring along some braai utensils and a delicious feast for a lekker braai afterwards!

No matter how you choose to spend your time at Acrobranch, we can guarantee that you will enjoy your time at one of our most highly rated parks. With courses that cater to all ages and levels, our Melrose branch offers a delightful respite from the busy city.

Make your booking today to avoid disappointment!

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Interview of Gerald, Park Manager in Johannesburg

Meet Gerald Satiyi, Acrobranch Johannesburg Park Manager

Gerald, how long have you been working at Acrobranch?

I have been with Acrobranch since the first park opened in Johannesburg in 2010. I have seen the company grow into five parks, a variety of obstacles and one great adventure.

What was your previous work experience?

Before Acrobranch, I was a full time dance instructor and choreographer!

Why did you want to work for Acrobranch and what does the brand mean to you?

I was pursuing a law degree at Wits University and required an income to assist me with furthering my studies. Working at Acrobranch allows me to meet different people every day and this has made a huge impact on my life. I have become conscious of people’s’ safety, even in everyday life. I am very fond of working with children.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I love dancing and writing. Fitness has now become a passion of mine, so I have ventured into Calisthenics.

Describe a memory of your favorite customer experience?

The most memorable customer for me was a 6-year old girl, who came to our adventure park filled with so much energy and life. She was not scared of anything. She was born blind, but this does not discourage her from living her life to the fullest. She did all our courses without hesitation and never gave up. This brave young girl touched my soul. If the situation allows us, we try our best to help those in need.

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