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Team building acrobranch johannesburg

Team-Building Venue

Add Value to Your Brand at an Acrobranch Adventure Park Team-Building Venue Near You - Situated at six locations throughout South Africa.

Decided to start autumn off with a team-building activity? Every entrepreneur understands the value of team building. Whether the goal is to learn more about a specific product, to motivate, to exchange ideas, or to build better employee relationships, the importance of happy and confident employees can be the key to the survival of a brand. If you’re looking for a unique venue where employees can let their hair down, rise to new challenges, and have a little fun, then you’re going to be thrilled with Acrobranch Adventure Parks.

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Fun Team Building Activities

Motivate and Boost Productivity with Fun Team-Building Activities - for more info contact the team at Acrobranch today!

Motivate and Boost Productivity with Fun Team-Building Activities

Are you interested in getting your team closer and more productive, so you decided to kick off 2017 with a fun team-building day? Nowadays, business is tough and if you are running a sales-driven company, it is up to you find creative ways in which to keep your employees consistently energized and motivated, and this can easily be done through team building. Continue reading

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team building Acrobranch Cape Town

Go on a team adventure at Acrobranch!

Many companies choose Acrobranch for their end of year event. Meet Liza, who went to Acrobranch Cape Town for a team building experience.

As the year draws to a close, Acrobranch has the perfect activity to keep your colleagues entertained. Take to the trees at any one of our branches in Johannesburg, Melrose, Cape Town, Garden Route and Centurion to enjoy the many obstacle courses available. With many thrills, twists and turns along the way, Acrobranch Adventure Parks offer the perfect place to take your staff members for a fantastic and unique experience that they won’t forget. Continue reading

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Team building acrobranch johannesburg

3 Reasons to choose Acrobranch for your company Team Building event

Acrobranch hosts hundreds of team building events every year in South Africa. Encourage your team mates as they climb and zip line their way to the end!

Uniting a team at work can be challenging. With office politics, stresses and strains, managers can, at times, struggle to bring work colleagues together. At Acrobranch, we offer the opportunity to do exactly that. Team building has never been more challenging, exciting and more importantly, FUN.

With 5 branches across South Africa including Cape Town, the Garden Route, Pretoria North, Johannesburg and Centurion, there are many options available to you. Each of our branches has something unique to offer you and your team on your special day out. From treetop courses that will challenge and test you, to our zip lines and incredible obstacles, Acrobranch is geared up to ensure you have a team building event to remember. We have hosted some of the biggest companies through the years, so let’s discover what all the fuss is about.

Get outside

Choosing where to spend your team building event can be a challenging decision in itself. Where do you take the staff that will bond people together while creating a space for colleagues to really get to know one another and challenge themselves in a safe space? Well, luckily for you, Acrobranch can tick all of those boxes.

Getting outdoors and experiencing the beauty of the parks is an added bonus. Your staff can take on the challenge of the courses, while learning to work as a team and bond over some tricky obstacles along the way. Breathe in the fresh air from your vantage point in the trees and take in the views over the parks. Our branches have all been selected due to their incredible locations. From the mountainside of our Cape Town branch, to the endless stretch of farmland that hosts our Pretoria North branch, you will truly appreciate the outdoors with a visit to Acrobranch.

Our adventure courses

While some of us may not harbour warm feelings towards activities that involve heights, Acrobranch has ensured that every level of skill is catered to. Besides our excellent safety ratings and use of EU designed apparatus that will keep you safe throughout your Acrobranch experience, we also have a variety of courses to appeal to the brave and the not so brave.

Try out our beginner and intermediate courses that will challenge every level of ability. Each of our courses has something unique and fun to offer, so why not try it for yourself? Start off with our Tree Hugger course that is geared towards beginners. The course will take you through a series of obstacles while testing your strength and agility. Guide and encourage your team mates through the course as you climb, crawl and zip line your way to the end.

If a challenge is what you are looking for, then we have what you need at Acrobranch. Nothing bonds a group together faster than a real challenge. Add some obstacles, height and adrenaline and you have a winning combination. The High Flying course will surpass even your wildest dreams. Starting at a meagre 1.5metre platform, the course quickly climbs its way up and through a variety of challenging obstacles.

Take things to a new height by challenging your work colleagues to the longest zip line in Gauteng at our Pretoria North branch. Running for 300m through the trees, there is nothing quite like the feeling of the wind whipping through your hair as you fly though the air on this thrilling journey.

If you want something a little different, we suggest the Acro-bungy (available at Centurion branch). You will be propelled 14 metres into the air at speed which we guarantee will take your breath away!

Bond with the colleagues

Climbing through the trees, navigating our toughest courses and zip lining high above the ground are all the highlights at Acrobranch, but the bond that you will feel with your colleagues after these activities, will definitely take the cake. We encourage everyone to get involved at Acrobranch and with the helpful guidance of our expert guides, you can certainly relax and just let loose.

Teams can be set up to challenge one another to the obstacle courses. Here, it becomes necessary to help and encourage one another along the courses. The Acrobranch experience has created many bonding opportunities between work colleagues while solidifying friendships.

Each team member is encouraged to take the course at their own pace while enjoying the beauty of the parks from high up in the trees.

Safety is a priority for us at Acrobranch, so before you embark on the courses, we will go through the rules and regulations that will keep you safe while you have the time of your life.

Team building at Acrobranch is a must and there is no other unique experience quite like it. Make your booking today to avoid disappointment! We look forward to hosting your next event.

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Corporate team building

Acrobranch takes your Corporate Function to a new level

Book a Corporate Function at Acrobranch and give your employees a Team Building that boosts them up and makes a difference to morale.

Corporate Functions can be many things. They can be inspiring and great for company spirit. Corporate functions can be relaxing and fun, a great stress-reliever. At best a good Corporate Function offers a company the chance to do a 180-degree turn around in morale and relationships. Don’t miss the opportunity to bring your employees together for a day full of fun and even friendship.

Acrobranch is an Outdoor Adventure Experience in lush forests. We have Courses – in Pretoria, Cape Town, Centurion, Johannesburg and the Garden Route – which take your company into the great outdoors to experience something fresh and new. Our courses offer thrilling zip lines, obstacle courses high up in the trees and plenty of opportunity for teamwork and fun.
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Team Building Activity

Team-building to remember: Take your Team to the Trees

Our corporate team-builders give your team a boost to their spirits, ziplines and forest challenges to tackle and new memories to share.

“A good team needs three things: the right people, the right spirit, and a couple of inside jokes.”

Too true, a great corporate team is made up of the best people for the job, a spirit of collaboration, encouragement and positivity and yes, a sense of humour that connects every member of the team.

But what happens when your team of excellent people is running low on spirit and their sense of humour has been strained by tough deadlines, or tougher yet, a shortage of projects coming in? Continue reading

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Tree-top adventures

Teambuilding or Ziplining? Here’s how to Tag your Team’s best Pictures !

Wether you come for the Ziplines or a Teambuilding Exercise, Acrobranch aims to combine Outdoor Exercise, Adrenaline and Fun.

Wether you come for the Ziplines or a Teambuilding activity, Acrobranch aims to combine Outdoor Exercise, Adrenaline and Fun… providing a memorable experience you would want to tell everyone about.

So if we make your day, we would love to know about it and see pictures from your time with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
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Outdoor Activirt

The Best Thing to do during Loadshedding

As Eskom's Loadshedding hits South Africa, we have good news for those who live in Cape Town, near Sedgefield or close to Joburg and Pretoria.

Eskom announced that they will again be rolling out loadshedding and most cities in South Africa will be affected by their loadshedding schedules.

While it can be terribly frustrating to be cut off and in the dark, the best way to deal with it is to make alternative and fun plans that don’t involve switches and lights.

Take our word for it, now is a good time to stock up on candles, buy a torch and a car cellphone charger if you don’t have one and not fill up your fridge as the food may go off during long loadsheddings. For evenings, a braai, a candlelit dinner and a good book are all recommended and can turn black-outs into romantic, or at least unusual, experiences reminiscent of bygone times.

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Could this be the Perfect Team Building idea?

What are the essentials for a Perfect Team Building Activity? Our slightly biased research concludes that Acrobranch ticks all boxes.

Team Building is a gift to employees that, if planned wisely, can keep on giving back for years to come. Employees appreciate some time out of the office, getting to know each other, and by teaming departments that might not normally work closely, trust grows which in turn leads to increased productivity.

We decided to dig deeper into the secrets of successful team building ideas and embark on a search for the Perfect Team Building activity.

Team Building Fundamentals : Leave the Office

It’s often wise to take a step back in order to jump further, and for your team to feel truly appreciated, it’s important to clock everybody off for the duration of the team building. Make it a whole day affair… The lost time will quickly be made up for through heightened motivation.

Being Outdoors and reconnecting with nature in beautiful surroundings will lift everyone’s spirit and inspire productive new ideas at work.


Make it Fun

Advertising Legend David Ogilvy famously said :

“When people aren’t having any fun, they seldom produce good work.”

Team Building Activities play an essential part to encourage a company culture where employees can let their hair down around each other and enjoy their working environment. Continue reading

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