Frequently Asked Questions

Find out what Acrobranch is and other frequently asked questions about our outdoor adventures.


What is Acrobranch?

Acrobranch is a Treetop experience dedicated to offering children and adults a unique adventure as they move from tree to tree in lush, green forests. There are Acrobranch Courses for Children and for Adults offered at all of our Acrobranch Centres in four locations in South Africa: Johannesburg (Melrose); midway between Johannesburg and Pretoria (Centurion); Cape Town (Constantia) and the Garden Route (Wilderness).

Each course is carefully designed with a variety of obstacles including zip lines, tarzan swings, nets, bridges and many more activities which gradually takes you from tree to tree.

What is an Acrobranch experience like?

You’ll arrive in an expansive forest with a large green forest all around. The Acrobranch staff will fit you for a harness (which keeps you locked onto a zip line throughout your tree top adventure. Once your team is fully kitted out you will have a thorough training session that will let you know how to move through the trees on your harness. Then you will set off on a guided tour of zip lines, Tarzan swings, nets, bridges and many more activities to take you along the tree line of the forest.
Each Acrobranch session last 2 hours, and includes training and harnessing, which allows for ample time between the trees.

How does Acrobranch cater for various age groups?

At Acrobranch you choose from various courses with different levels of difficulty. The height of the challenges, distance between steps and level of difficulty required has been carefully measured. Each park has different age and course restrictions depending on the forest terrain, so please check out the park nearest to you.

Whatever Acrobranch Centre you choose (Melrose, Centurion, Constantia or Wilderness) each offers a range of courses designed to ensure that no one takes on more than they can comfortably handle.

I have a big group and I do not know how many we will be on the day. How do I make a booking?

It is possible to make a booking with our head office through our online form (see the contact us page). We will just require you to pay a deposit.

Is the Tree Top Adventure Safe?

Here’s how we ensure it stays that way: In climbing, the most important piece of equipment is a ‘carabiner’, a metal loop which connects the harness to the rope. We believe that the safest way of using the carabiner is to let adventurers handle their own carabiners.

Experience has shown us that with thorough training this leads to the safest tree top journey, even with young children. If this sounds a bit wild, don’t worry, our friendly guides will always be around to remind you about the safety rules and ensure you stay safe during your fun outdoor adventure.

What should I wear for my outdoor adventure?

Tip 1: please wear closed shoes with good tread. Tip 2. Dress in clothes you can move freely in (touch your toes, stretch for a tree a little out of reach, sit comfortably). Tip 3. People with long hair should tie up their hair so it’s out of the way of pesky tree branches that may want to snag onto it.

Do I need gloves to take part in the activity?

It is up to you. While Acrobranch tries to provide adventurers with gloves, many adventurers prefer to climb without gloves as their grip is better. While gloves will protect your hands against the rubbing of ropes and cables, wearing none will make your grip surer (ask any climber around you if they wear gloves when they are rock climbing and you’ll get a firm “No!”).