Team Building Activity

Team-building to remember: Take your Team to the Trees

Our corporate team-builders give your team a boost to their spirits, ziplines and forest challenges to tackle and new memories to share.

“A good team needs three things: the right people, the right spirit, and a couple of inside jokes.”

Too true, a great corporate team is made up of the best people for the job, a spirit of collaboration, encouragement and positivity and yes, a sense of humour that connects every member of the team.

But what happens when your team of excellent people is running low on spirit and their sense of humour has been strained by tough deadlines, or tougher yet, a shortage of projects coming in? Continue reading

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Tree-top adventures

Teambuilding or Ziplining? Here’s how to Tag your Team’s best Pictures !

Wether you come for the Ziplines or a Teambuilding Exercise, Acrobranch aims to combine Outdoor Exercise, Adrenaline and Fun.

Wether you come for the Ziplines or a Teambuilding activity, Acrobranch aims to combine Outdoor Exercise, Adrenaline and Fun… providing a memorable experience you would want to tell everyone about.

So if we make your day, we would love to know about it and see pictures from your time with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
Our hashtag is: #acrobranch. Continue reading

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Cape Town Blogger gets a workout at Acrobranch

This is what Candice, a young Cape Town Blogger, had to say about the Acrobranch Outdoor Activity Park in Constantia:

I recently spent the afternoon acrobranching in Constantia with my mom. We started on the blue course, which is meant to be the hardest course, and then we realised just how scared of heights we were and we moved over to the less high, yellow course.


This was perfect for both of us because we could still do the ‘big’ zip line at the end which was the most fun part!
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Awesome Activity for Kids in Melrose !

Here’s a testimonial we received from Ms Naidoo after her visit to the Acrobranch Melrose Park.

“A huge thank you to making it an awesome fun day for my boys and i, we had fun the whole day on the 16/12/2014 and brad the instructor just made it more special.

With his patience and his awesome personality my boys could not have had a better experience and fantastic instuctor,as they were abit reluctant to come to the park,but after yesterday i guess we going to be often at the Acrobranch in Johannesburg Melrose Arch.

We travelled all the way from Lenasia but it was worth the trip. I dont mind doing it again and over again 😉

Thank you to the Acrobranch team you were so warm as well to us… a friendliness that was also shown by the pancake guys that we bought from, it was de -li- cio-us . thank you.”

Ms Naidoo

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Outdoor Activirt

The Best Thing to do during Loadshedding

As Eskom's Loadshedding hits South Africa, we have good news for those who live in Cape Town, near Sedgefield or close to Joburg and Pretoria.

Eskom announced that they will again be rolling out loadshedding and most cities in South Africa will be affected by their loadshedding schedules.

While it can be terribly frustrating to be cut off and in the dark, the best way to deal with it is to make alternative and fun plans that don’t involve switches and lights.

Take our word for it, now is a good time to stock up on candles, buy a torch and a car cellphone charger if you don’t have one and not fill up your fridge as the food may go off during long loadsheddings. For evenings, a braai, a candlelit dinner and a good book are all recommended and can turn black-outs into romantic, or at least unusual, experiences reminiscent of bygone times.

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How to Overcome your Fear of Heights?

Fear of heights, or Acrophobia, affects around 5% of the population and is an extreme fear of falling even from relatively low heights. Thankfully, it is curable.

We have looked into the latest research on Fear of Heights and we’re happy that our Outdoor Activity Parks qualify as a perfect suggestion for beating Acrophobia.

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Could this be the Perfect Team Building idea?

What are the essentials for a Perfect Team Building Activity? Our slightly biased research concludes that Acrobranch ticks all boxes.

Team Building is a gift to employees that, if planned wisely, can keep on giving back for years to come. Employees appreciate some time out of the office, getting to know each other, and by teaming departments that might not normally work closely, trust grows which in turn leads to increased productivity.

We decided to dig deeper into the secrets of successful team building ideas and embark on a search for the Perfect Team Building activity.

Team Building Fundamentals : Leave the Office

It’s often wise to take a step back in order to jump further, and for your team to feel truly appreciated, it’s important to clock everybody off for the duration of the team building. Make it a whole day affair… The lost time will quickly be made up for through heightened motivation.

Being Outdoors and reconnecting with nature in beautiful surroundings will lift everyone’s spirit and inspire productive new ideas at work.


Make it Fun

Advertising Legend David Ogilvy famously said :

“When people aren’t having any fun, they seldom produce good work.”

Team Building Activities play an essential part to encourage a company culture where employees can let their hair down around each other and enjoy their working environment. Continue reading

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8 Celebs Hooked on Ziplines and Tree Top Tours !

From Jennifer Lawrence to Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt, let's look at 8 Celebs who love Outdoor Activities, Ziplines and tree-top tours!

The world of celebrities is not all glitz and selfies… Oftentimes, Celebs need to reconnect with nature, train for a new role that requires intense tree-top agility or get a healthy dose of adrenalin.

Ziplines, Tarzan Swings or Cargo Nets, Acrobranch Activity Parks provide a perfect setting for these 8 celebs to enjoy one of their favorite outdoor activities while holidaying in South Africa. Here’s why we think they should visit our Parks and take on our fun, yet challenging, tree-top obstacle courses :

Jennifer Lawrence & The Hunger Games Tree Top Tours


In preparation for the next installment of THE HUNGER GAMES, Jennifer Lawrence (aka Katniss) could take a break from iCloud and work on her tree-hoping skills.
After all, the more comfortably she moves around trees, the greater her chances for survival !

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Birthday Activities for Kids : 5 Reasons to celebrate at Acrobranch

For kids Birthday Parties an Outdoor Adventure Park is the perfect venue for a fun, child-friendly Birthday Party that is also suited for Adults.

Acrobranch has successfully featured as the main attraction for hundreds of Birthday Activities. Here are 5 Reasons why you should choose a Tree Top Adventure Park as your Birthday Venue:

1: Kids love having their birthday parties at Acrobranch


From Pirates to Tarzan or Spiderman, there’ just something about ziplines and swinging from tree to tree that appeals to the imagination of all children. Fun is guaranteed!

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