Restaurant and Catering

Each of our Outdoor activity Parks offers catering and has a nearby restaurant. Enjoy the catering of the Big Red Barn in Centurion or the organic food of Zucchini at Timberlake organic village.

Acrobranch Garden Route

Acrobranch Centurion

Acrobranch Rosemary Hill 

The Green House @Acrobranch Rosemary Hill

Overlooking the Acrotiwhs & Monkey Moves course, The Green House offers an array of decadent delectables as well as catering for kiddies and adult parties alike. To find out more information about their ‘Party Boxes’, visit The Green House Cafe.  Alternatively give them a call on (012) 802 0052

Oysters and Springbok @Acrobranch Garden Route

At Timberlake Organic Village, Acrobranch is not the only point of interest. There are many shops and food offers available:

  • the snack shop Snax
  • the Oyster schack
  • the restaurant Zucchini

Elephant Cafe – Big Red Barn @Acrobranch Centurion

Vibe catering at the Big Red Barn offers a large choice of platters for your functions as well as a daily menu. You are welcome for lunch and dinner every day of the week.
Together with them, the Big Red Barn organizes a large number of function.
For more info,