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Acrobranch Centurion houses the Acro-bungy, an extreme activity that will get you from the ground to 14 metres high, or more if you feel like it, in just one second.

Some call it the ‘reverse bungy’, whilst others have compared the activity to a catapult or being propelled out of an aircraft. Our highly experienced guides will secure you in a body harness, you will be given final instructions and then: 5,4,3,2,1… BUNGY!! This is the ultimate thrill! All equipment is double checked to ensure your safety.

Hidden within an expansive forest of bluegum trees on the Sunlawns Estate Farm at the Big Red Barn, Acrobranch Centurion is easily accessible for all adventure seeking adrenaline junkies.The Big Red Barn is a wonder-filled space where all kinds of Big Red fun things can happen.

Acrobranch Centurion, known for its thrilling ziplines and treetop adventures, now also offers the Segway Tours. To book for the Acro-bungy or any of the parks’ adventurous activities, visit www.acrobranch.co.za or contact 086 999 0369.