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School Field Trips

Are you a teacher looking for an awesome venue for school field trips? Are you looking for a fun venue that can provide education, laughter, and the chance for kids to do a little bonding? If you’re looking for an awesome venue where kids can go a little mad and let...

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Party Venues Cape Town

Do you want to know what's hot and trending in child-friendly party venues in Cape Town? Ever heard of Acrobranching? If paintball and quad biking sounds a bit too hectic, then why not do something different, safer, better, and a lot more exciting – go acrobranching...

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Birthday Party Venues

Do you have a birthday coming up and you are not sure where to have it? Here’s an idea, why not do something completely different and experience a combination of thrills, laughs and beautiful views, while soaring over the treetops and ravines with the wind in your...

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