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Wayne, how long have you been working at Acrobranch?

I have been working at Acrobranch since October 2013.

What was your previous work experience?

I came from a hospitality background. I started out as Head Chef/Restaurant Manager at Café de Afrique, then moved onto becoming Head Chef at Zucchini Restaurant.

Why did you want to work for Acrobranch and what does the brand mean to you?

I have always been involved in some way in Tourism and Hospitality, with a great love for nature, adventure and challenges. A position came available at Acrobranch and I decided to make the change in my career, from Restaurants to Adventure. I have not looked back since. I started off as a guide and was then promoted as Park Manager. All of this was and still is very exciting. All Garden Route residents and visitors should experience Acrobranch, as it is so unique to the area and it’s something that the whole family can enjoy.

What are your hobbies and interests?

At this stage my hobbies includes painting, gardening and cooking. I am also interested in traveling, animal welfare and upcycling.

Describe a memory of your favorite customer experience?

My favorite experience at the park at this point was watching a girl with one arm do the courses. This was not as much a favorite experience as it was an eye opener and a lesson. She was about 9 years old, and she did not hesitate at any of the obstacles, not even once. When we got to the Tarzan Swing and cargo net I really thought she would consider going around it, but to my surprise, and everyone else in the group, she did it better and with more confidence than most people. If the situation allows us, we try our best to help those in need.