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Acrobranch Kids

Outdoor Activities for Kids - This is childhood as it should be! Book at Acrobranch Constantia, Stellenbosch, Garden Route, Pietermaritzburg, Melrose, Huddle in Germiston, Garsfontein, Centurion or Pretoria North. Call 086 999 0369.
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Outdoor Activity Parks for Kids

Swinging through trees, dangling from branches, balancing in the air. But wait, Acrobranch also takes care of every parent’s fear and tucks those kids safely into snug harnesses, hooked into secure lines all through the course. It’s all with adult supervision, but the children are encouraged to go at their own pace and move their own clips themselves.

All courses are designed with specific ages in mind to keep your kids entertained…and safe. Check out your desired park for more info on our kids course age and height requirements.

Benefits of Acrobranch Kids Courses as identified by a biokineticist:


Planning: every movement has some level of planning- kids have to decide which way they would go around a tree, where they would place their next clip and how they would move from one obstacle to the next, to name but a few.


Proprioception: with balancing on floating ladders, walking on ropes and climbing nets, parents and children get challenged to practise their proprioception. Proprioception is great for balance and preventing injuries while playing sport and in everyday life. It is also extremely important for adults to practise this to prevent falling as we age.


Body in space + midline crossing: movement in our normal daily activities is usually one directional, forwards. With Acrobranch obstacle courses children are challenged with lateral movement, rotation, reversing and getting a general idea of where their bodies are in space and what to do in order to move in the intended direction.


Core strength and stability: we often think of core strength as abdominal strength. What people miss is that every movement has a core from where it originates. Acrobranch obstacle courses offer functional training, meaning not only does your abdominal area and back strengthen, but you also get to condition the core of each movement e.g. shoulder stability and hip stability.


Strength: every movement these kids execute will condition either power or muscle endurance. Again, full body conditioning. I must admit I had a few aches and pains myself the next day- all signs of a good overall workout.


Flexibility and reach are improved as children challenge themselves to move between obstacles.

Contact Details

086 999 0369


September – April

Wednesday – Sunday from 9am to 6pm, (Last slot @4pm, Closing @6pm)

*Open on Public School Holidays & Public Holidays                                   

May – August

Wednesday – Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm (Last slot @3pm, Closing @5pm)

*Open on Public School Holidays & Public Holidays   


Acrobranch Treetop adventure can’t be beaten for encouraging kids to get out in nature and develop their independence. We encourage children to progress by themselves; that’s moving their own clips and going at their own pace. Of course, this is all under the watchful eye of our Acrobranch guides.

Acrobranch is a great place for your children to step out of their comfort zone and be challenged while staying safe.

Family Fun at its Best

Acrobranch offers a family activity to be enjoyed by all, family time is meant for fun, time spent together, a time when you can build onto your child’s development on a physical and emotional level. It is also a time where you, as a parent, can take care of yourself and revive those weary old bones in nature, and to get a break from our technology-driven always-on screen time obsessed lifestyle. Let’s get you and your family #hooked on an adventure for all!


A happy parent: “I love leaving a weekend activity knowing that my kids had fun, but what I appreciated even more about this weekend adventure was that both my husband and I could share in the thrill of riding a zipline, climbing a little and enjoying the spectacular scenery this outdoor playpark had to offer”

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