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Looking for an outdoor activity to indulge in this weekend? Why not take a trip to Acrobranch. With tree-top adventures, ziplines and even segways, Acrobranch offers a little something for every sense of adventure.

1.An adventure for the whole family
Acrobranch offers different levels of courses suitable for all age groups and abilities.Our Adventures provide both young and old with an exciting day out.

2.Fun way to experience Nature
There is just something about swinging from tree to tree that appeals to the imagination of all children and adults alike. Balance and navigate your way through an assortment of obstacles such as zip lines, Tarzan swings, cargo nets, barrels, and more. Fun is guaranteed!

3.Family Bonding
Our adventure courses are great for bringing people together and feeling a sense of shared experiences.

4.We Encourage a Child’s Growth & Development
Being outdoors is an essential part of a child’s development. Acrobranch adventure parks offer a great place for your child to step out of their comfort zone and be challenged. We encourage children to progress at their own pace on our obstacle courses.

5.Safety is Paramount to Us
At Acrobranch, all of our obstacles including ziplines have been designed and built to European standards and verified by the European industry experts. Our safety gear is EU-marked and imported directly from Europe. We have experienced guides stationed throughout the course to remind you about the safety rules and ensure that you stay safe during your outdoor adventure.