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Acrobranch asked Tanya Badenhorst, a registered biokineticist about the benefits of choosing Acrobranch as a family outing. Here is what she had to say.

Hi, I’m Tanya van Things to do WithKids(R) and today we take a peek in at Acrobranch Stellenbosch. 

South Africa’s children are facing a big challenge. We are seeing more and more obesity and low muscle tone among our toddlers and teenagers. Behavioural therapists especially attribute this to computers and cell phones that have replaced bicycles and trees as entertainment. Children simply socialize less and before we know it,  the world around us looks like a scene from Wall-E. A world where we have to experience everything virtually while we suffer physically and psychically. 

Acrobranch had already noticed this rising need 11 years ago. They then began to identify foresty areas where city children and adults can enjoy nature together. They create a safe environment where families can challenge themselves physically and emotionally.

The good news is that research shows that we can indeed influence our children’s appetites. By being more active ourselves and developing a love for this from a young age, we tip the scales slightly towards a healthy lifestyle.

I’m a big advocate for kids to learn through play and get fit, so as a biokineticist I reckon Acrobranch is the ideal solution. As you can see in the video, this is any therapist’s dream environment. Children are challenged proprioceptively and each obstacle helps with developing balance, something that adults can benefit from just as well as children.

Although adventurers may not notice it immediately, their bodies constantly rely on core stabilizers that in turn help with good posture. Shoulder stabilizers are very important for writing and focus in the classroom. After such an excursion, you will know you have used these muscles! 

I think what I enjoy most is how children and adults can overcome their own fears, tackling it one small step at a time and then… how your effort is basically instantly rewarded with the joy of movement as they zzzzzip between the trees.

Going to an outdoor play park can certainly become a family tradition. The obstacle courses present different challenges depending on your skill levels. Anyone from 3yo to 99 can participate. Acrobranch also hosts children’s parties. So if your child feels adventurous and loves nature, this becomes the perfect place to celebrate their birthday. Acrobranch has “branches” all over the country. 

Don’t delay – book your adventure today!


Tanya Badenhorst


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