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You will never regret spending time with your children, but you will regret it if you don’t” – that is why at Acrobranch, family time is priceless!

I have been in the tourism industry for 22 years, managing lodges and hotels. This industry unfortunately has long hours and provides a person with no time to spend with family and children.

In March, I was approached by Acrobranch to join the young and dynamic team they have. It’s one of the best decision I have made in my life, the quality time I have spent with my own kids during the past two months, is more than I have spent in the past 10 years. Acrobranch is such a unique concept, that gets the kids away from the Xbox and TV’s and into the outdoors. My kids absolutely love spending time in the trees, and the quality time we have spent together is priceless.

I am excited to be part of this team, I love seeing both kids and adults on the courses and the enjoyment on their faces. My recommendation: get out there, live a little, you will not regret it.

Acrobranch, thanks to the support of all our loyal customers and the positive feedback we so often receive, is growing from strength to strength. There are so many developments to look forward to. Our Pretoria North park has been reviewed, based on our clients feedback. We have created a one stop shop for a day out catering for the entire family, in conjunction with other business partners. The facility now has pedal cars, a pellet shooting range,horse and pony rides, a coffee shop, and facilities for birthday parties. We are excited to announce that we have just launched our kiddies course at this park.

Staff: We have an awesome team. They provide an amazing experience for our clients. Acrobranch would certainly not have been such a great success story without our dedicated staff. We are fortunate to have them within our business, thank you guys and girls, you are remarkable.

Future: We have extremely exciting news. Acrobranch will be developing another six parks within the next three years. This will provide more access to our clients in other geographic areas of South Africa, bringing the experience to even more clients in South Africa that has not been fortunate enough as yet to experience any of our parks.

In closing it is a honour to be part of this business, I want to thank all our clients and our staff, you have all been tremendous.

Kind regards,

Rob Clarke
Hooked as CEO