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Corporate Functions can be many things. They can be inspiring and great for company spirit. Corporate functions can be relaxing and fun, a great stress-reliever. At best a good Corporate Function offers a company the chance to do a 180-degree turn around in morale and relationships. Don’t miss the opportunity to bring your employees together for a day full of fun and even friendship.

Acrobranch is an Outdoor Adventure Experience in lush forests. We have Courses – in Pretoria, Cape Town, Centurion, Johannesburg and the Garden Route – which take your company into the great outdoors to experience something fresh and new. Our courses offer thrilling zip lines, obstacle courses high up in the trees and plenty of opportunity for teamwork and fun.

Team Building : from Awkward to Awesome…


We all know that there are employees who dread the annual corporate function. Usual Corporate Function memories can range from colleagues who can be insincere to activities that can make one feel awkward and unnatural. Many corporate functions can force employees together without enough of an icebreaker to bring down any nervousness or unfamiliarity.

Simply being in nature is one way of putting your people at ease. The beauty of the forests, fresh air and fun of engaging with nature will put even the most nervous employee at ease. If some aren’t overawed by nature, they can be eased into one of the easier courses. There are a range of levels of difficulty.

Stressful to Smooth-running

If you’re immediately thinking of lists and catering challenges, we do it all. Leave the planning and leading of the activities and team-building to us. Our instructors take your team through their paces, showing them safety steps and counting off the points as teams battle it out in the trees.

Exorbitant to Economical…

Many Corporate Functions force you to spend more and blow your budget. Corporate functions from Acrobranch allow you to focus on team-building and a fun activity rather than a splashy meal or spoiling trip to the spa. Our activities are all billed per head and our price-list is straight-forward.

Meh to memorable…

corporate-team-buildingBowling not quite thrilling your employees? Mini Golf looking a little lack-lustre? Get just the right balance and swing your team into an experience that is sure to get them squealing with delight (but without all the nicks and bruises of something like paintball).

Acrobranch also offers the chance for a memorable Corporate Function where employees may do something like ride a zip-line or swing through the trees for the first time. Everything is done attached to super-safe harnesses and with the careful attention of our instructors.

Tedious to Team-boosting

Of course, you want to end your Corporate Function knowing you got bang for your buck. You want to see your team grow closer, learning how to tackle challenges and face fear. A Corporate function can be more than just a lunch out or a day at the spa. Give your employees a Corporate Function that builds them up and makes a difference to morale.

To book a Corporate Function at Acrobranch, visit our Team-Building page.