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When the year draws to a close and everyone is tired, uninspired, and waiting for their year-end holiday to arrive, it is time for some fun team-building activities to get the serotonin flowing and the energy levels soaring. Having caught the attention of many businesses worldwide, team building is a powerful tool for any organisation looking to improve their bottom line. But in order for it to be a success, it must be done right.

Unfortunately, the term “team building” has received quite a bad rap over the years. Why? Well, it was not too long ago when businesses thought that team building was all about putting a bunch of employees in a room and making them play the classic trust-fall game, or, perhaps even worse, the good old “two truths and a lie” game. Oh, and let us not forget about the terrifying bungee jump you are persuaded to partake in or that ridiculous paintball team-building activity where you wake up the next day with bruises all over your body.

Now, let us get one thing straight. There is no denying that team-building activities are strategic for morale and sales, but not team-building activities that violate your employee’s dignity and personal space. In order for your team-building event to be a success, it must be practical and it must be fun for everyone, or it will fail. Yes, some truly horrible team-building activities exist, but your department does not have to subscribe to these old-school team building rules. Acrobranch is here to show you a whole new type of team building that is fun, safe, exciting, and ideal for everyone of every age.

A world-class, state-of-the-art ziplining adventure that originated in the jungles of Costa Rica, Acrobranching, also known as ziplining, is a devised system of cables, pulleys, and platforms built around tall old trees in lush forests. Strapped in harnesses, and donning helmets and gloves, with the sun on your face, you get to soar through the air like a bird amongst the treetops, overlooking the terrain as you speed by with the wind in your hair. It truly is an incredible team-building experience.


We Offer Frequent Year-End Discounts for Team-Building Events and Functions

As the fastest growing eco team-building activity to hit the South African corporate scene, we offer frequent year-end discounts for all team-building and year-end functions at all our venues, which can be found in Constantia Nek in Cape Town, Sunlaws Estate in Centurion, Melrose Park in Johannesburg, Pretoria East, Honingnestkrans in Pretoria North, and Timberlake Organic Village on the Garden Route. To make your booking or to find out more about the year-end discounts on our fun team-building activities, contact the team at Acrobranch today.