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Jozi…you have a love-hate relationship with her looming buildings, buzzing (or rather stand-still) traffic and vibrant people. The Big Smoke is filled with reasons to stay and love the city. You love your work, your friends and so much of the vibe of this city. But sometimes when it becomes too much, Johannesburg needs an antidote. What better cure for the kryptonite of tall metal buildings than the welcoming green of a lush forest?

Acrobranch offers you three amazing forest retreats in Gauteng where you can play and go back to all the wild adventure of forest fun.

Reason #1 Let fresh air fill your lungs


Take a deep breath. If that wasn’t the an amazing life-giving moment full of clean air and oxygen, then you may just need to go straight to the source of oxygen itself. For the the biggest gulp of pure, resh air, head for a large group of trees. Along with ocean plankton trees are responsible for turning stale carbon dioxide into the oxygen we breathe. So get away from the Big Smoke, the pollution that fills the city skies especially in winter.
Book a day in the fresh air at the Johannesburg Acrobranch Course at James and Ethel Gray Park just walking distance from Melrose Arch.
Enjoy the longest zipline in Africa, that will certainly take your breath away.

Reason #2 Relax your mind

Close your eyes, now picture walking through deep forest, trees rustling above, a bird flying high above. Now, picture that you are walking through an alley with tall concrete walls and shining glass above. Research showed that adults who exercised outdoors tested lower for stress compared to those who did the same exercise indoors. Get out and see the difference. At Acrobranch there is every type of course, so your day out in the forest can be truly relaxing.
Book a day at our Centurion Acrobranch Course near Irene The GPRS Co’ordinates are S 25 55 639′ E 028 13. 673′. It’s a tree-covered 160 acre estate with two obstacle courses for adults and two for children.
Enjoy a day tackling fun obstacles and long zip lines then relax as a family or group of friends

Reason #3 Heal up mind, body and spirit


Researchers found that surgery patients healed faster and were more positive when surrounded by a view of trees instead of buildings. In fact those who were surrounded by nature were four times better off than those facing buildings. A relaxing, natural scene restores our
Book a day moving through a large gum tree forest at the Centurion Acrobranch Course.
Enjoy the restful movement of wind through the trees and the sound of your children taken care of by trained guides while you relax and enjoy yourself.

Reason #4 Grow relaxed and happy children


It’s proven, nature helps grow happier more resilient kids. How do we know this? Another amazing piece of research looked at over 300 families, rating their homes, gardens and areas for ‘naturalness’. The kids with trees, lawns and parks in their areas were rated happier and far more resilient than other kids who had far easier lives. So no matter how tough things got, kids who spent time in nature seemed to fare better in mind, body and spirit. That is great reason to pull your kids away from their tablet and get them focusing on some reall challenges and thrills – like swinging through trees, negotiating a fun obstacle course or simple learning how to belay gently through the courses.
Book a day for the kids at the Johannesburg Acrobranch Course with its Kids Courses for all ages. Try Playing Cubs, Sprinting Cheetahs, Stalking Leopards and Hunting Lions with their different levels.
Enjoy the 9 metre high platforms and long zip lines for the older kids and climbing obstacles and a fun Tarzan swing for younger children.

Reason #5 Boost your Energy


Get your blood pumping as you swing through the trees at an Acrobranch Course near you. Research shows that spending time in nature boosts energy in 90 percent of people. So instead of reaching for coffee or packing your weekend full of late nights out, head for the hills or spend time in a forest so you can climb a tree (literally at Acrobranch).
Book a day at the Pretoria Acrobranch Course a course built for adults ( and kids over 9 years of age), so its perfect for corporate team builders and groups of friends.
Enjoy a 300-metre zip line and a course packed with 38 obstacles challenging enough to get your blood pumping.

No matter what the reason, there is plenty to draw you out of the city and into an Acrobranch Course for the day. There is no better way to relax and restore yourself away from the Big Smoke.