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With the weekends still looking warm across South Africa, many of us are looking for ways to soak up the sunshine and spend our down-time outdoors. While sitting down to a relaxing braai sounds like a good day, we have something more exciting in mind – a treetop adventure at Acrobranch! With challenging obstacle courses, impressive ziplines and the overall beauty of our parks to enjoy, we assure you that you will be back for more!

The best part about Acrobranch is that the fun doesn’t just cater to children. Oh no, this is an activity for all ages! Courses are suitable for kids from the age of 3 and up, meaning the parents can either help their kids along the obstacle course, or they can seize the day and try one of the more tricky courses for themselves.  Age is just a number so join in on the fun!

Try our different courses at Acrobranch

No matter your age, we have a course for you! The little ones between the ages of 3 and 6 can build up their confidence, strength and agility with the Acro-Twigs course (exclusive to Centurion, Cape Town, Pretoria and Johannesburg parks). The winding routes and obstacles are perfect for the young adventurers who just want to join in on the fun and learn the ropes. Don’t worry Mom and Dad, our expert guides are on hand to guide the kids safely along the course.

Adults and kids can enjoy our more intermediate and advanced options that will really get the heart racing. While the courses may initially appear to be simple, there are some tricky obstacles to take on along the way. These courses are set to test your abilities, as well as your bravery! Expect to take on ziplines, cargo nets and monkey bridges along the way.

Kids can have a ball for their next birthday party

Looking for something different to entertain the kids at their next birthday party? Acrobranch is known for its thrilling courses that cater to all age groups, so no matter the occasion, ensure your child has a party that separates them from the crowd. Acrobranch is geared up to host your next event with helpful staff and guides to ensure the kids are having a fantastic time while still remaining safe.

Adults can spend their birthday at Acrobranch too! Feel the wind whipping through your hair as you fly through the trees on the ziplines and navigate the somewhat tough courses. No matter your age, there is nothing quite like the adrenaline-fuelled feeling of the Acrobranch experience.

Looking for a thrilling activity for your next event?

School outings are events that kids always look forward to with the promise of escaping dull school days and experiencing something new. Acrobranch has exactly what teachers, parents and the kids are looking for! Let the kids blow off some steam by arranging a school outing to one of our Acrobranch branches. Our courses are not just a place for kids to have fun as they will also have the opportunity to learn about team work as they help their fellow classmates along the courses. Test their agility, strength and adaptability with our obstacle courses that will have them climbing, crawling and flying through the air on ziplines. This is a fun day out for all!

While Acrobranch is known for hosting some impressive kids’ parties, we haven’t forgotten about the adults! Over the years, we have hosted thousands of team building, year-end and bachelor/ettes parties with massive success.  Abandon the usual activities and try something daring and unique that brings out your inner child.

Adults of all levels of experience and confidence can learn to work as a team while tackling the challenging treetop courses and building strength and agility. No matter which park you are at, our guides will be on hand to capture your event on camera so you can treasure those memories for years to come (and prove to everyone that you made it through the course).

Acrobranch is safe for all

Kids and adults have nothing to fear as safety is our priority at all times at Acrobranch. Our experienced guides will take you through the safety rules and regulations before you embark on our courses. Using highly-rated harnesses and other equipment imported from overseas, we are able to ensure your safety as you tackle the often challenging courses.

Our safety measures ensure that your little ones will always be safe as they clamber their way along the course, freeing the adults up to enjoy the courses themselves or support from the side lines.

So what are you waiting for? Try something new and challenging with a trip to Acrobranch with friends and family and get hooked!