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Why Fun Team-Building Activities is the Best Investment You Will Ever Make
Rolling your eyes at the idea of sending your employees on some fun team-building activities? In today’s declining economy, political uncertainty, and increased inflation and interest rates, most businesses just do not have cash to squander. Not only is it a financial problem, but many businesses are sceptical about the value of team-building activities. Many feel that team building activities are more of a dressing than a repair, but this could not be further from the truth.

An effective strategy used by many successful South African businesses, both small and large, team building is all about taking employees out of their comfort zones to where they can be themselves and have a little fun. This is why team-building activities are the best investment you will ever make:

  • Betters internal problem-solving.
  • Boosts creative collaboration.
  • Builds team morale, trust, and respect.
  • Decreases conflict.
  • Defines objectives and goals.
  • Develops communication and relationships.
  • Encourages leadership skills.
  • Identifies a team’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Improves productivity and teamwork.
  • Increases efficiency and performance.
  • Provides motivation.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Improves processes and procedures.
  • Teaches time management.

While paying your employees a handsome salary or allowing them to take advantage of the company bar and pool table may constitute a good start, there is no doubt that investing money on fun team-building activities produce excellent results. But not just any team building venue or activities will do. While there are many team-building venues scattered throughout South Africa, if you want to motivate, reduce stress, inspire, increase performance, and better your return on investment, turn your attention to the unique team-building philosophy of Acrobranch.

Acrobranch brings you six world-class team-building zip line activity parks that can be found in Constantia Nek in Cape Town, Melrose Park in Johannesburg, Rosemary Hill in Pretoria East, Honingnestkrans Street in Pretoria North, Timberlake Organic Village on the Garden Route, and Sunlaws Estate in Centurion.

A devised system of cables and platforms built around tall trees in lush forests, Acrobranch team-building activities are fun, easy and, above all, safe for anyone between the ages of 7 to 70 years old. Offering a wide range of ziplining activities that feature cargo nets, Tarzan swings, balancing beams, tightropes, zigzagging, lily pads, barrels, rope bridges, and many other obstacles to get the adrenalin pumping, the team building activities at Acrobranch is the best investment you will ever make. Contact us today to make your booking.