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Team Building is a gift to employees that, if planned wisely, can keep on giving back for years to come. Employees appreciate some time out of the office, getting to know each other, and by teaming departments that might not normally work closely, trust grows which in turn leads to increased productivity.

We decided to dig deeper into the secrets of successful team building ideas and embark on a search for the Perfect Team Building activity.

Team Building Fundamentals : Leave the Office

It’s often wise to take a step back in order to jump further, and for your team to feel truly appreciated, it’s important to clock everybody off for the duration of the team building. Make it a whole day affair… The lost time will quickly be made up for through heightened motivation.

Being Outdoors and reconnecting with nature in beautiful surroundings will lift everyone’s spirit and inspire productive new ideas at work.


Make it Fun

Advertising Legend David Ogilvy famously said :

“When people aren’t having any fun, they seldom produce good work.”

Team Building Activities play an essential part to encourage a company culture where employees can let their hair down around each other and enjoy their working environment.


Encourage Groups and Teamwork

During our research, we came across many individual sports that offer Team Building Packages. Yet if you are competing individually, the purpose of organising this kind of Team Building can backfire. The office super-stars will outshine the more quiet personalities, and both egos and animosity could increase as a result.

While we enjoy a good Quad Bike or Harley Davidson ride, we believe these are not the elusive perfect Team Building idea as they miss the very essence of “Team Building”.

Instead, it’s essential to create teams working towards a common goal, and with each member of the team encouraging and helping one other.


Find a Healthy and suitably Challenging Activity

Exercising results in a better mood and increased energy levels, which is exactly how you want your team to feel. On the other hand, you do not want to push them too hard (avoid anything too extreme) or you risk de-motivating those who are a bit out-of-shape.

Acrobranch Outdoor Activity Parks offers over 40 different ziplines and obstacle courses, which means that everybody can be challenged according to their fitness levels and feel motivated at the end of the day, ready to give their best the next day at work.


Use an experienced Team Building provider

Save yourself from the embarrassment of a failed outing with all your coworkers: make sure you use a trusted and experienced Team Building activity provider. Acrobranch has a long track record of successful team building for groups of between 4 and 1000 people.
We’ve hosted team building days for Nissan, KPMG, UCT and many other leading companies, and always receive raving feedback.

Ready? Enquire about Team Building Now!

With our Activity Parks in Cape Town, the Garden Route, Joburg and Pretoria, there’s bound to be an Acrobranch near you ready to provide you with the perfect Team Building Day.

Fill out the form on our Team Building Page and a consultant will get back to you to tailor a perfect package for your company.