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Acrobranch School Outings: A Great Way to Build Confidence and Inspire Students

Do you have any cool school memories of school outings? Chances are, an awesome day out with your school buddies sparked your curiosity and made you want to learn more and do it again. Yes, school outings are as awesome today as they were years ago. A form of multisensory learning, school outings are of vital importance to developing young minds. In fact, if research has shown us anything, it is that there is no child that does not love to learn. But in order to be successful learners, students need to relate what they learn or read to what they have experienced. School outings allow pupils to use more than one of their senses to process, understand, and remember, especially school outings at Acrobranch!

Led by Professional Guides, Kids are Strapped Safely into Harnesses

A zip line treetop adventure park dedicated to offering school children of all ages a fun and learning experience that will never be forgotten, Acrobranch has earned an exceptional reputation and has caught the attention of schools throughout South Africa. At Acrobranch, safety is always first and foremost. Strapped safely into harnesses, with safeguards and cables in place, and donning helmets and gloves, kids are led by professional safety guides onto different platforms between the treetops where they partake in an exhilarating obstacle course that features zip lines, cargo nets, Tarzan swings, balancing beams, tightropes, zigzagging, lily pads, barrels, and rope bridges.


Acrobranch Offers Kids Much More Than Just a Day Out

A well-known and highly respected school outings venue that offers so much more than just a fun day out for kids, Acrobranch adventure parks are a great way for students to break the ice, step out of their comfort zones, get active, bond, stimulate their imaginations, challenge themselves, build confidence, learn about nature, and have the best time doing it. If you want to send your students on a school outing that will leave them with a sense of pride and accomplishment, then a day of zipping, zooming, balancing, and swinging through nature is just the way to do it.


Acrobranch is Situated Throughout South Africa

A masterpiece obstacle course designed to foster confidence and inspire students, Acrobranch offers six state-of-the-art adventure parks situated throughout South Africa. With each adventure park offering a completely different experience, you can find us in Johannesburg at Melrose and Huddle Park, Pretoria North at Honingnestkrans, Centurion at Irene, Pretoria East at Rosemary Hill, Cape Town at Constantia, and on the Garden Route at Wilderness.


School Outings Do Not Cost a Fortune at Acrobranch

Classrooms provide structure and authority, and when it comes to taking students out of their structured environment, kids come out of their shells, feeling energised, inspired, and ready to experience and learn. Placing great emphasis on encouraging children to grow, and be confident and inspired, we believe that school outings should not have to cost a fortune, which is why our national school outing packages are very affordable.

Do not delay. Book your next school outing in Cape Town, Centurion, the Garden Route, Johannesburg, or Pretoria at one of our incredible zip line adventure parks today. You will wish you took them sooner!