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Suns out, funs out! With summer creeping in, kids and adults can start getting out and about into the great outdoors once again. What could be better than an adventure in the trees at Acrobranch in Centurion? Visitors from all over the world have made Acrobranch their activity of choice and there are many reasons why. From the beauty of the park, to the excitement of the courses, nobody can deny that a day spent at Acrobranch is one for the books.

The best part about Acrobranch is that you can spend your time bonding with friends, family, and even work colleagues.

We recently caught up with John Woodhead, our Acrobranch, Centurion branch manager, to see why you should spend time at the park for your next event this summer!

What would you say is the best part about being a park manager at Acrobranch?

The best part about my job is that I get to grow my staff and see that they reach their full potential. I identify their strengths to push them and their weaknesses to build and encourage them.

What has been the best part about hosting birthday parties and what tips can you offer for those visitors wanting to spend the day there?

Birthday parties are stressful to the moms who do months of planning and organizing to try and get everything settled for the day. What I like most about hosting the parties, is that we get take that stress off the parents for the two hours while the children are making their way through the courses.

What has been the most memorable event that you have hosted?

The most memorable event for me has got to be a bachelor’s party that we hosted about a year ago. Granted, we told the men that they had to be sober before climbing. The amount of jokes that went around just made my day, I ended up laughing so much that my eyes started watering and my stomach muscles were sore.

Why would you recommend hosting a team building at Acrobranch?

We here at Acrobranch Centurion, have come up with a variety of team building packages to suit the unique needs of our customers. From strength to strategy, to fitness and the all-important communication, we will guarantee each team building group that leaves the park will do so knowing more about themselves and more about the fellow colleagues they work with including a bunch of laughs and smiling faces.

What makes your Acrobranch unique?

Well besides the fact that my park is the best, we have the friendliest and professional staff, we are home to the Acro-Bungy (for adrenaline seekers only), Olifants Cafe is an amazing restaurant with the best food in Pretoria and to boost we are perfectly situated just outside the hustle and bustle of surrounding cities to give you that outdoor nature feel where you don’t need to drive an hour to get to.

Whether you are hosting a birthday party for the kids, a bachelor/ette or a team building event, there are plenty of reasons to choose Acrobranch in Centurion.

The courses at Acrobranch, Centurion

There are 4 courses available to you at our Centurion branch. Whether you are the bravest of the brave, or heights are not your strong suit, there is a course that will get your adrenaline pumping! If you are looking for a beginner’s course, we can suggest Monkey Moves. This course is ideal for ages 7 and up, with 19 obstacles that may seem simple at first, but offer a real challenge.

The Swinging Tarzan is ideal for the intermediate level. Offering 25 obstacles that include bridges, ziplines and balancing beams, there is more depth to this course than first meets the eye.

Take things to the extreme with a trip through the trees on the High Flying course. With 27 obstacles to tackle, this may be the toughest of all our courses, but it certainly brings the fun! The intensive course winds its way up and through the trees from level to level and adventurers must navigate their way along balance beams and nets, as well as ziplines to finish the course.

Stay a while at Acrobranch, Centurion

As John mentioned, there are many places for visitors to enjoy a good drink and a tasty meal after an exciting activity at Acrobranch, Centurion. Olifants Café is situated on the grounds and offers delicious meals and drinks. We suggest pulling up a chair with your fellow party goers or colleagues and relaxing as you reflect on the day’s activities.

Whether you want a location for your next birthday party, team building or bachelor/bachelorette party, there will be an exciting adventure waiting for you at Acrobranch, Centurion. Spots fill up fast, especially in summer, so we suggest making your booking as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.