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Squad Goals!

If you have ever been in a work environment where you had to rely on your colleagues to get certain jobs completed in time and delivered at the best possible quality, you know the importance of synergy in the workplace. To get a group of people together, who may be strangers to one another, and ask them to rely on each other and work together as a team, might take a while to accomplish. Luckily, there are proper team-building activities that could prove beneficial not only for their cooperation at work, but the overall quality of the relations between the people in the team as well.

Although social occasions are always good fun for a group of people to enjoy together, it may not have the same impact when compared to team-building activities – which will dare the team of people to face obstacles together and overcome them as one. Forging such a mindset and relationship with your team is essential for being successful in the workplace and beyond. If you are on the hunt for the perfect team-building activities, look no further than Acrobranch!

Acrobranch @ Rosemary Hill

This outdoor activity park forms one part of the seven parks we have all over the country, with other locations including Cape Town and Johannesburg. Set on farmland that is about ten minutes’ drive from Pretoria East, our park at Rosemary Hill has everything you need to have a fun and successful day of team-building activities!

Our outdoor parks feature treetop adventure courses that will challenge any group of people ready to face Mother Nature in her element, and this park is no different. Featuring two large obstacle courses for adults and two complete obstacle courses for children, our Rosemary Hill park is perfect for a day filled with fun and adventure that will inspire and motivate your team to work together to achieve the ultimate results.

You will have the option to rent some mountain bikes and enjoy beautiful routes through the estate, with a local on-site restaurant that can fill up the tank once the morning’s team-building activities are over. Our park at Rosemary Hill can cater for school tours and parties as well, and will offer a complete experience for the adventurous and wild-at-heart in all of us.

If you need more information on Acrobranch @ Rosemary Hill, and would like to make a booking for a corporate team-building event, feel free to contact us today!