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I recently spent the afternoon acrobranching in Constantia with my mom. We started on the blue course, which is meant to be the hardest course, and then we realised just how scared of heights we were and we moved over to the less high, yellow course.


This was perfect for both of us because we could still do the ‘big’ zip line at the end which was the most fun part!

After we had our introduction into how to use the equipment we were left alone to manoeuvre around the course by ourselves. This kept our adrenaline pumping and allowed us to move at our own pace.


The feeling that we might fall at any minute kept us on edge but we always felt safe knowing that, if we did fall, we would just be caught by our harness.

The yellow course proved to be a lot of fun but it was fulfilling to be able to step it up a level and try the blue course again.

The height is considerably higher and the obstacles leave you feeling much more challenged than the easier courses.

Fits of Excited Laughter

I was in fits of excited laughter as I went from point to point and tested my ability of self trust and facing my fear of heights at the same time.

Some sections of the course were a bit tricky to understand but with the help of the guides and a calm explanation I made it through the whole course !


Quite a workout

By the end of the day I felt that I had had quite a workout and I felt so fulfilled to be in the middle of nature and swinging from tree top to tree top.

Next time I really want to go back with a group of friends and spend the whole day acrobranching because it is such a unique and epic experience!