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Zip-lining is an activity for the whole family. A way to be outdoors whilst doing exercise in an exciting and adventurous way. Swinging from tree to tree gets the adrenaline pumping and sends waves of excitement down your spine!

At first one would have to learn how to use the attachments that come with ziplining (in other words, you’ll get hooked !). How to unattach yourself from one freely moving pulley and safely reattach yourself to the next. The fact that one can manoeuvre independently from one zip-line to the next allows for a sense of control over the experience, moving as slowly or quickly as one chooses to around the course.


Ziplines move very quickly in speed – up to 140km/h – as the downward force of the individual pulls them from the top to the bottom within a few seconds and then one does it over and over again on zip lines of different length, speed and height.

As many outdoor activities often don’t involve a set up as unique as a ziplines, the experience is guaranteed to offer a day of fun and laughter as you interact with the surroundings in which these ziplines are built. Children, because of their fearless attitudes would find this activity to be something different and exciting to do whilst still maintaining a high level of safety and if the adults are feeling cautious at the beginning, they are more than likely to feel like a kid by the end.

So whether it’s just you and your partner, or you and your entire family, zip-lining is a way to connect with the outdoors, each other and your inner adventurous self. It’s all about having fun to the extent that you don’t realise you’re getting a good work out and when you leave you will wish you could come back… and then you can… and then you will.

Ziplines at Acrobranch

Ziplines at Acrobranch

Ziplines make for a great team building activity and besides our Cape Town, Garden Route, Melrose and Centurion Parks you can now experience ziplines in Pretoria.